Colemans Group

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001Providing the highest standards of quality assurance is integral to us all at Colemans Fencing. Our primary objective is to deliver all projects to contractual requirements ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and to enhance customer retention

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AS ANZ 4801The safety and wellbeing of our people is our most fundamental value and we firmly believe that if we effectively managing safety, then we have a firm foundation on which to deliver our other business objectives. We are continuously trying to improve our Safety Culture by implementing new strategies and company procedures to better our safety performance.

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ISO 14001Colemans Fencing has a clear understanding of environmental issues and the environmental impacts affecting our activities. We ensure that we do everything within our power to avoid potential harm to the environment with appreciating the growing need for companies to develop in a sustainable manner. Monitoring and measuring our direct impacts on the Environment is an integral part of our Management System.

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Colemans Fencing recognises that only by having a structured and systematic approach to management of Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and the Environment, can industry best practice be achieved. Indeed, Colemans Group have achieved the following Management Systems Certification

Colemans QHSE Management System is also accredited to a series of companies such as;

• TransGrid

We aim to enhance our Management Systems in a manner that promotes continuous improvement in all areas, Health and Safety, Quality and Environment, which will lead to the achievement of industry best practice.